What is Learn To Shoot Cars?

When I first picked up a camera, I spent hours on the computer trying to find tutorials and tips on car photography. I found some but the problem is none of them have everything in one spot; shooting, editing, and even interviews. I found shooting tutorials on one site but not editing, and vice versa. Even then, there weren’t that many tutorials about strictly car photography. I like when everything is sorted out and I can find everything easily in one spot, that minimizes my time spent on all that searching.

That is why I made this site. I am not a professional car photographer by any means but I am learning as I shoot more and edit more. I figured since I’m learning all of this, might as well document it and put it online so you can learn with me or even if you are thinking about picking up a camera, I hope I can inspire you to just start shooting.

With that being said, the majority of the posts on here will be short and straight to the point. You’ll see a bunch of pictures but nothing too over-the-top and crazy hard to understand.

Who Are You?

I first got my camera in June, 2014. Ever since then I’ve been in love with car photography. Wait, let me back up.

Ever since The Fast and The Furious (RIP The Buster) first came out in 2001, I’ve been in love with cars. Years later, in 2007, I picked up Adobe Photoshop, I immediately started learning about car rendering on Photoshop. I came to the conclusion that editing/manipulating other peoples pictures was something I really enjoyed doing.

Then I said “hmm if I enjoy doing this on other peoples pictures, imagine how much I would enjoy doing it to my pictures” so I picked up a camera. Actually, I got it as a birthday present from my parents, but that’s only because I told them what I wanted.

That brings me to present day. I am not the best but I strive to be every time I pick up my camera. Learning something new about car photography just gets me excited to try it out, and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. So here is your number one source for all your car photography needs.



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