Chad Burdette Interviews with LTSC

Chad Burdette Interviews with LTSC

  Chad Burdette Interviews with LTSC   When it comes down to being one of the best automotive photographers in Atlanta, Chad Burdette (Chadbee Photography) has got that covered. Seriously, just google automotive photographer in Atlanta and you’ll see him right there. So, it was only right that we interview him since he’s a local. This interview is different because … Read More

Paddy McGrath Interviews with LTSC

Paddy McGrath Interviews with LTSC

  Paddy McGrath Interviews with LTSC   When it comes down to visiting car websites, one of my favorites is Speedhunters. The stories are great, the pictures are great, and their event coverage is pretty cool too. Most of the photographers on there are really great at what they do, but some of them stand out even more than the … Read More

LTSC Interview with Justin Black Wright

Here is an interview with an automotive photographer, Justin Black Wright, who proves to us that just because you’ve been shooting for a short period of time, it doesn’t mean that your shots can’t be stunning.   Justin Black Wright has been shooting for about a year but when you look at his shots you would think he’s been doing … Read More

LTSC Interview with Folk Photography

If you follow LTSC on Instagram then you should have seen me feature Folk Photography several times. Everytime I go into the #learntoshootcars pool, I see a sick shot, I click on it, and find out that it’s by Folk Photography again.     I kept seeing his sick shots over and over again so I finally gave in and … Read More

LTSC Interview with Dejan Sokolovski

Dejan Sokolovski - car photography

I’ll be quite honest with you guys, I have never heard of Dejan Sokolovski until I started doing research on car photographers to interview. I don’t remember how I came across his name but once I checked him out, I knew he was on to something and I had to have him share his thoughts with the LTSC community. I … Read More

LTSC Interview with Nick Busato

Nick Busato - car photography

  Nick Busato, this dude right here is killing it. What makes him special is that he does a mix of motorsport photography and some commercial work as you will see later on in this interview. Most photographers I know stick to doing just one because shooting those are two completely different worlds.   In motorspost photography you can’t control … Read More

LTSC Interview with Chester Ng

Chester Ng - car photography

When I first found out about Chester Ng, I knew I had to pick his brain a bit and find out more about car photography. This dude has some really sick ass shots under his belt. He’s originally from Hong Kong but travels all over the world shooting beautiful cars, living the life that we wish to live one day! … Read More

LTSC Interview with Empeh Photo

Mac Pischkale - car photography

There is a group on Facebook that I’m part of and I saw someone post a sick picture of a Skyline, immediately I was hooked, I had to get in touch with this car photographer! Not too long after the picture was posted, he posted a video of the layer buildup, which made me even more interested.   Here, check … Read More

LTSC Interview with Martijn Beekmans

If you have a passion for photography and exotic cars then I highly suggest you read through this. To be honest, I didn’t know about Martijn Beekmans until I started looking for people to interview but boy am I glad I got to meet and talk to him. Instead of reading what I have to write, I will let you … Read More

LTSC Interview with Bas Fransen

If you take a look at Bas Fransen Photography, you will instantly see why I decided to interview him. I know you don’t want to read what I have to say so here is the interview with Bas Fransen. Enjoy! 1. Tell us a little about yourself personally. My name is Bas Fransen, owner of Bas Fransen Photography. I’m 30 … Read More

LTSC Interview with GFWilliams

I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top automotive photographers (in my opinion) and let me tell you, I was definitely not disappointed. This guy knows his stuff and you will see just that in this interview, along with some knowledge bombs that you could take and improve your car shooting and editing skills. Without further ado … Read More