How to create a realistic sunflare in Photoshop

How to create a realistic sun flare in Photoshop

Have you ever seen those shots to where the car is positioned almost perfectly to where the sun looks as if it’s pointing directly at the car, or maybe you have a great photo but it seems like there’s something missing? Well if so, I have something that may just shine a little more light…

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How To Prepare For An Automotive Photoshoot

[addtoany] For some reason, most people just go out to the photoshoot and just see what they can do when they get there. If you want a highly successful photoshoot then you must prepare, just like you prepare for everything else in life. I don’t mean prepare as in clean your gear and make sure…

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[Automotive Photography] Transparent Hood For Your Car

Have you ever seen those shots where the hood looked transparent, and you could see the engine below it? I always thought those were pretty cool. Luckily for me, I have been messing with Photoshop for like a decade before I picked up photography, so I knew how to edit those shots. If you haven’t,…

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Gradient Tool: Remove Reflections and Draw Attention

You know what vignetting is, right? Well, this is similar to that but I personally think it looks WAY better than a vignette does.   The Gradient Tool is a tool that allows you to create a gradual blend with different colors and it can be used to draw more attention to the car, or…

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car photography

Manual Focus vs. Auto Focus: Which one do I use?

Okay so we all know your lense has a manual focus and an auto focus, but do you really know when to use which one and why to use them?   Well, the short answer is: use auto focus whenever you can.   Now, let’s get into the long answer and the explanation of both…

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Light Painting - car photography

How To Shoot and Edit a Light Painting

So you want to learn how do to light paintings? But what exactly is light painting?   Light painting is a technique, usually done at night, in which you set your camera on a low shutter speed and use some type of light to illuminate an object while everything else stays dark.   Okay now…

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Replace a Background - car photography

How To Easily Replace a Background

Have you ever had the opportunity to shoot your dream car but didn’t have a nice background for it? All you had was a parking lot, or some trees behind the car. Those shots are okay sometimes but if you want to take your car photography to the next level, you need to have a…

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Blur and Sharpen - car photography

What are the Blur & Sharpen Tools for?

There are so many uses for the blur and sharpen tools, but then again there are many uses for ALL of the tools that Photoshop has to offer. For that reason, it’s impossible to cover all of the uses for the tools but I will tell you why I use them for car photography and…

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JPEG vs RAW - car photography

Should I shoot JPEG or RAW?

So you’ve been shooting JPEG since you got your DSLR but then went through the settings and saw an option to choose between JPEG, RAW, or JPEG + RAW. This is probably when you start wondering what all that means and asking questions like:   What are the differences? What are the ups and downs…

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Replace a Sky - car photography

How to Replace a Sky in 2 Simple Steps

You just finished shooting your dream car, you come back home, look at your shots and realize the sky is blown out in all of your shots. How disappointing is that?? Shots with a blown out sky just scream out boooooring!   So of course, the only thing you can do is replace the sky…

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Circular Polarizer CPL - car photography

How a Circular Polarizer Will Save Your Shots

I don’t even have to ask, we all hate reflections, and it doesn’t help that cars are like mirrors. It’s pretty much impossible to get a shot without any reflections unless you’re out in the open where nothing can reflect off the car. It’s impossible unless you have a circular polarizer! What Is A Circular…

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Adobe Lightroom Basics - car photography

Understanding Lightroom – The Basics

Let’s get started with the Lightroom basics, shall we? I already covered the basics in Photoshop so now it’s time for Lightroom to shine.   Lightroom is what I use first for all the color corrections and shit like that, then I take my masterpiece into Photoshop for more complicated edits.   If you just…

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How Do I Remove Reflections In Photoshop?

So you want to learn how to remove reflections from the car and little dirt specs? Well, lucky for you I’m here to show you how it’s done. This can seriously take your shot from 0 to 100 real quick. Real f%cking quick. If you don’t know what the selections tools are then you should…

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What are all these modes on my camera?

SO MANY OPTIONS! It was so overwhelming when I fist got my camera, all I saw was a bunch of buttons and settings and modes and…   I think you get the point.   I started writing about the different modes and going in-depth about each of them when I realized there is no need…

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Layer Masks [Photoshop]

Layer masks are the easiest way to make a selection or to blend multiple pictures together (also called composites). Layer masks basically allow you to make changes to your shot with the ability to go back when needed.   Start here So, let’s say you’re working on a shot you did this past weekend. The…

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Depth of Field (DoF) – The Basics

Depth of Field goes together with Aperture, as you should have seen in a previous blog post. The short definition of DoF is basically the range of distance that appears in focus.   SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD If you are shooting a car and you set your aperture really low (let’s say f/1.8) then only…

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Photoshop Selection Tools - car photography

Selection Tools [Photoshop]

There are many tools that you can use to select your car or the background or pretty much anything you want, Photoshop calls these the Selection Tools, there are quite a few of them. There are multiple selection tools that you can use but typically I stick to just one or two at most. You…

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ISO: The Basics

What is ISO? Your camera is sensitive, so don’t make it cry. That is unless you change the ISO. This controls your camera’s sensitivity to light. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive it is to the light. While on the other hand, a high ISO will result in more sensitivity causing a brighter image….

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Understanding Photoshop: Layers

One of the more crucial things I had to learn about Photoshop was how layers work. Which is what this episode of Understanding Photoshop is about.   WHAT ARE LAYERS? If you don’t know what they layers are, they as basically different images, or text, or adjustment that are on their own field. Each layer…

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Shutter Speed: The Basics

In order to have a steady looking image or to do some panning, you will have to know what shutter speed is and how it affects the image. That’s why I’m here, to tell you what I had to learn when I first picked up my camera.   What is Shutter Speed? Shutter speed is…

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Understanding Photoshop: Open and Save

EVERYONE KNOWS THIS Now I know what you’re thinking, Open and Save, everyone can do that. Yes, pretty much everyone can open a file and save a file but with Photoshop there are so many different ways to do this I decided to make a guide on opening and saving images as part of another…

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Aperture: The Basics

What is Aperture?? There is a mechanism inside your lense that can be controlled to let in a certain amount of light, this is called the Aperture. Not only does this control the amount of light, but it also controls the Depth of Field, or DoF for short.   So how does it work? Aperture…

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Understanding Photoshop: Tools Panel

TOOLS PANEL On the last Understanding Photoshop I shared my number one tip for faster and quicker workflow and briefly explained what windows I’m working with in Photoshop. In this post I will tell you about all of the tools in the Tools Panel, which you should have read a little about in the last…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Exposure Triangle

What is the Exposure Triangle? The Exposure Triangle consists of 3 key elements; the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Each one of these 3 elements is a contributing factor to the exposure (brightness) of your image. The key to a perfectly lit photo is a good exposure triangle. You will have to play with these…

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Understanding Photoshop: Workspace

How do I use Photoshop? In order to edit any of your images, you must first know how to use Photoshop. When you first open it up it may look overwhelming and that’s exactly how I felt until I started messing around with it and figuring out what everything does. It definitely is not as...
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