How to create a realistic sunflare in Photoshop

How to create a realistic sun in Photoshop

Have you ever seen those shots to where the car is positioned almost perfectly to where the sun looks as if it’s pointing directly at the car, or maybe you have a great photo but it seems like there’s something missing? Well if so, I have something that may just shine a little more light…

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Layer Masks [Photoshop]

Layer masks are the easiest way to make a selection or to blend multiple pictures together (also called composites). Layer masks basically allow you to make changes to your shot with the ability to go back when needed.   Start here So, let’s say you’re working on a shot you did this past weekend. The…

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Understanding Photoshop: Layers

[ssba]   One of the more crucial things I had to learn about Photoshop was how layers work. Which is what this episode of Understanding Photoshop is about.   WHAT ARE LAYERS? If you don’t know what they layers are, they as basically different images, or text, or adjustment that are on their own field….

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