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The Challenge

I was ecstatic when I received my first camera for my birthday. There was only one problem; I didn’t know how to use it. There are two ways to learn: just play around with it, or read as much information as you can and then try it out. The problem with just playing around with it is that you might not be able to figure out what certain buttons do and you might miss hidden features. The problem with reading information is that it’s too boring and makes photography seem complicated.
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The Solution

Let’s face it, we all got into photography because of the passion and the feelings that creating photos gives us. Not only are we passionate about creating photos, we are passionate about cars. Combining these two lovely topics gives you one big beautiful art form that’s bursting with happy emotions. The more we do it the more we crave it, it’s our drug. Once you master automotive photography you will never go anywhere without your camera. Let us help you master it.
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Why should you learn from us?

At LTSC, our main goal is to offer quality and reliable information to shorten the learning curve for every aspiring automotive photographer. Our information is based on years of combined experience as well as extensive research.

We provide courses to help with a wide variety of topics based on where you are in your journey. You can choose between learning how to use your camera to it’s fullest and/or learning how to edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Our staff brings 10+ years of photography experience as well as 15+ years of editing experience.

Our courses are perfectly crafted to help you go from step one to the finished product in a short period of time.



Elvis is the creator of Learn To Shoot Cars (LTSC) and an experienced automotive photographer. With 15+ years of photo retouching and 5+ years of car photography experience, Elvis brings some of the best information to automotive photographers.
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