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If you are just beginning and want the basics then feel free to go for just the Bronze Membership. If you need accountability and want access to phone support and PSD files then you might look into getting the Platinum Membership. There is a reason we have 4 different options.

Even though there are 4 options, every membership is jam-packed full of useful information.

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1. Why is this section here?
2. What you need to know about mindset.
3. How to get in to the right mindset.
4. Never lose focus of your goals.
5. Consistency is key.
1. Learning all of your camera buttons.
2. Getting familiar with your camera modes.
3. Learning the magical exposure triangle
4. Part 1 of the Exposure Triangle: Aperature
5. Part 2 of the Exposure Triangle: Shutter Speed
6. Part 3 of the Exposure Triangle: ISO
7. What is the difference between JPEG and RAW?
8. Getting familiar with different lenses.
9. Learning when to use auto focus vs. manual focus.
10. The almighty Golden Hour
11. The best tool for automotive photographers.
12. How to prepare for a light painting session.
13. How to prepare for a composite session.
1. How to open and save your files.
2. Getting familiar with the workspace.
3. What are the tools for?
4. Speed up your workflow with shortcuts.
5. Jump start your editing with presets.
6. Learning about the Transform tools.
7. Breaking down the Basic Adjustments tab.
8. Using the Spot Removal Tool.
9. Understanding the Brush Tool.
10. Breaking down the Lens Correction tab.
11. Breaking down the Detail tab.
12. Breaking down the HSL/Color/BW tab.
13. Getting familiar with Split Toning.
14. Learning how to Color Grade.
1. How to open and save your files.
2. Getting familiar with the workspaces.
3. Learning all about the tools.
4. Up close and personal with the selection tools.
5. Speed up your workflow with shortcuts.
6. Learnig to use the Clone Stamp Tool.
7. Learning to use Layer Maskes.
8. Using the Blue & Sharpen Tools.
9. Using the Dodge & Burn Tools.
10. How to get rid of reflections.
11. Creating an artificial sunflare.
12. How to replace your background.
13. Removing objects in your image.
14. Creating a transparent hood effect.
15. Putting your light painting together.


✓ Mindset
✓ Shooting Beginner
✓ Lightroom Beginner
✓ Photoshop Beginner
🗙 PSD Files
🗙 Phone Support
✓ Mindset
✓ Shooting Intermediate
✓ Lightroom Intermediate
✓ Photoshop Intermediate
🗙 PSD Files
🗙 Phone Support
✓ Mindset
✓ Shooting Advanced
✓ Lightroom Advanced
✓ Photoshop Advanced
🗙 PSD Files
🗙 Phone Support
✓ Mindset
✓ Shooting Tutorials
✓ Lightroom Tutorials
✓ Photoshop Tutorials
✓ PSD Files
✓ Phone Support

Mindset: This section goes over the single-handedly most important aspect of automotive photography. If you don’t know how to get in the right mindset then your chances of getting quality shots are cut in half.

Shooting Tutorials: This section is all about being behind the camera. From the beginning stages of learning about your camera to the advanced stages of light painting.

Lightroom Tutorials: This section is all about editing your images in Adobe Lightroom. This program is the easiest and most user-friendly to use when it comes to editing.

Photoshop Tutorials: This section goes over everything related to Adobe Photoshop. This program is a lot more complex than Lightroom and allows you to do heavier editing such as light painting.

PSD Files: This will give you access to all PSD files used in our tutorials so you can follow along and see exactly what we did.

Phone Support: Choosing this option allows you to contact us via text at any time of day with any questions or concerns you may have. Whatever you need we will be there for you.

Take your automotive photography to the next level!

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